Bohemian Retro

Bohemian Retro Bohemian Retro Bohemian Retro

The concept behind Bohemian Retro started 10 years ago as a “vintage shopping party” (equivalent to today’s “popup shop”) and since evolved into a vintage fashion shop carrying hundreds of 1920s-1980s items, including clothing, hats, shoes, jewelry, accessories and collectibles. Most items come from the Czech Republic and are brought in mainly by the elderly, who English-born owner Becki says are “pleased that I appreciate this stuff”. Becki, a textile technologist by training, also sells her own collection of dresses made from vintage lace. The shopping bags you’ll take your goods home in are also sewed by her using upcycled fabrics from old clothes.

“Everything in here is recycled, even the coathangers. I make a point of it – it’s in my nature. My grandmother taught me well. She recycled everything before anyone else did.” – Becki Eastwood, owner

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