Můj šálek kávy

Mujsalekkavy Mujsalekkavy Mujsalekkavy Mujsalekkavy

Můj šálek kávy is a non-smoking cafe run by the owners of Czech specialty coffee roastery doubleshot s.r.o. The cafe of course serves direct trade, locally roasted doubleshot coffee, brewed to perfection by the trained baristas, as well as fresh simple meals and desserts made in-house daily. High quality ingredients are used, including locally produced eggs, and meat from Amaso. The shabby-chic decor is a perfect backdrop for a relaxed meal or cup of coffee.

“We want to source coffee from people we know personally. Our aim is to have the best coffee possible, train the baristas well and to be consistent.” – Jaroslav Tuček, co-owner

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Photos: Můj šálek kávy