5 Places to Find Stylish, Affordable and Ethical Sweaters in Prague

5 Places to Find Stylish, Affordable and Ethical Sweaters in Prague

It’s winter in Prague and well, it can get cold. We’ve had a few people ask us where to find winter sweaters that are stylish, affordable, ethical and eco-friendly.

It’s a valid question. Though at first glance it may seem that something as innocent and fluffy as a sweater could do no harm, we have in fact learned that the fashion industry has a dark underbelly, both when it comes to social and environmental impacts.

Our stance is that no consumer decision is too small or insignificant to potentially have an impact. So before we buy our next sweater, or any item of clothing for that matter, we will surely think twice. Below are some good options, with something for every price range.

1. Gobi Cashmere (quality new)

Gobi Cashmere sells pure cashmere sweaters made in Mongolia. If cared for properly, they could last you a lifetime.

Price: CZK 3500-7000

2. NILA (fair trade)

Fair trade fashion shop NILA sells beautiful pure wool sweaters from the ethical brand People Tree.

Price: CZK 2990

3. Fifty Fifty (second hand / vintage)

Fifty Fifty has a large selection of high quality pure wool sweaters from unusual brands that the owner has imported from Hamburg, Germany.

Price: 800-900

FiftyFifty 1

4. Recycle with Love (second hand / vintage)

Recycle with Love has a good selection of wool and synthetic blend sweaters with personality — and a very fair price tag.

Price: CZK 250-300

5. Your best friend’s (or Granny’s) closet. 😛

Price: Free!

Where do you buy your sweaters?

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