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AQUA ADS is an eco-friendly advertising agency creating alternative forms of outdoor advertising. Their ads are applied to dirty sidewalks using a water jet sprayed through a steel template (produced in the Czech Republic), creating a design from the “clean” negative space. Given the technological demands and restrictions on public advertising, the young duo behind the business are currently the only ones able to obtain all the necessary permits. Their aim is to improve the face of Prague through less intrusive and environmentally friendly advertising alternatives. We like the fact that their designs are simple, elegant and artistic, and require no paper, colors or chemicals. Their services can be ordered from spring to autumn and are cheaper than standard outdoor advertising options (e.g. billboards).

“There are so many places in the city where ads can be other than billboards. We offer an alternative that is legal, has permission, doesn’t destroy the view on the city, and is ecological.” – Pavel Jeřábek, co-owner