Bajkazyl (Náplavka)

Bajkazyl Bajkazyl Bajkazyl Bajkazyl

Most people living in Prague know Bajkazyl by now as the edgy bar at the Naplavka riverside where you can enjoy a drink with live music by the river on a warm summer evening. But what not everyone knows is that it is actually a bike service and rental shop. The Berlin-inspired project has 2 locations in Prague (Naplavka and Meetfactory) with the concept of a combined workroom, bar and cultural scene. In addition to promoting biking in Prague, a central aim of the project is to bring life back to underutilized city infrastructure.

“I’m a passionate biker and the idea is to show people this perfect alternative form of transport. It’s fast, healthy, cheap and friendly to life in the inner city. I would like to help people think differently about biking in the city. My dream is to build a stronger community of city bike lovers, not only as advocates of alternative transport, but as advocates of daily adventure in cities. Life in the city can have too much routine — if you use a bike, you meet something new every day.” – Martin Kontra, co-owner

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Photos: Bajkazyl, Gabriela Kontra and Greenglasses