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BIOOO is one of the Czech Republic’s biggest sellers of organic, fairtrade and eco-friendly products including cosmetics, nutritional supplements and cleaners. Selling both through their e-shop and brick and mortar shop located in the Kotva department store, BIOOO carries a wide selection of products for all budgets, the majority of them from EU brands, each selected carefully according to the shop’s own criteria. For the owners, key priorities are health, ethics and quality, though they also have started making efforts to consider factors such as packaging. Above all, they try to offer customers transparent information about the products they sell, which is why their e-shop offers detailed information about each product including all ingredients, certifications and packaging type, all culminating to an overall quality score ranging from “purely natural substances” to “hazardous substances”.

“I describe it like a ‘bio supermarket,’ where it’s always up to the customer to choose. We are trying to be very transparent, listing all ingredients and offering an app to measure quality. The sellers in our shop are well informed about the products and can provide customers with advice on which product is best for them, because everyone has different needs.” – Michaela Kaplanová, co-owner