Braasi Industry

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Braasi Industry is a Prague-based designer and manufacturer of backpacks and other urban accessories, all hand-made in Prague from Czech materials. The main textiles used are canvas, cordura, parachute (yes, the same fabric parachutes are made from) and Czech leather, with designs aiming for timelessness, elegance, comfort and durability, eliminating any unnecessary elements and focusing on functionality. The brand’s other products include shopping bags and even beanies made from Italian merino wool. Everything can be customized according to your taste and wishes. Bags are priced in the CZK 2700-3400 range.

“Because we are also architects, we have learned to make things that are long-lasting, not which you throw away next year. Our bags should last you 20 years. We don’t see ourselves as a fashion brand, but as makers of good, nice and reasonably priced products.” Eliška Slámová, co-owner