Cesmina Bio

Cesmina Bio is a health food store in Vinohrady focused on macrobiotic and vegan food. Their selection consists of a range of organic products such as cereals, pasta and baked goods and sugar-free products (sweetened with malt, syrup or fructose) from brands like ProBio, Country Life and Sun Food. The shop also offers natural cosmetics, eco cleaning products and traditional Chinese medicine.

“We established the shop when my friend, the current co-owner, was ill with cancer and couldn’t be helped by western medicine, so she turned to a macrobiotic diet and Chinese medicine. At that time it was not so widespread, so we decided to open a store ourselves. If someone wants to completely change their diet [to macrobiotic or vegan], they can find everything here and we are also happy to advise customers on anything from vegan and macrobiotic recipes to advice about Chinese medicine. However, nutrition should be approached with common sense. Our approach is the golden middle way.”- Simona Zahradnická, co-owner of Cesmina Bio