Dílna Wood Bear

Dílna Wood Bear is a wood workshop producing home and garden accessories and small furniture. All production is nature-friendly, made from leftover wood pieces or recycled wooden pallets, which otherwise would end up in a landfill or burned. The owner of the workshop, Mr. Jan Hořínek, colors his pieces with the water-based stain Impranal, which is suitable for children’s furniture or food storage. Only hand tools and electrical manufacturing processes are used in production in order to reduce energy use. Prices for boxes, mats, shelves, tables and chests start at CZK 300, and custom manufacturing is also available. Pieces can be viewed or bought online at bedynky.com, and occasionally at farmers’ markets.

“We have no choice but to start acting more sustainably. Our planet has no other options — it’s necessary to move in that direction.” Jan Hořínek, owner of Dílna Wood Bear (bedynky.com)