Ekolo has been selling, servicing and renting e-bikes in the Czech Republic since 2007. They offer a variety of bike brands including Apache, Leader Fox, eMotion and their own brand Agogs. City bikes, mountain bikes and super-practical folding bikes are all on offer, with prices ranging from CZK 24,000-70,000. Helmets and other biking accessories are also for sale. Rental prices start at CZK 400 for 4 hours and range to CZK 1500 for a long weekend and the shop will even let you try the bikes for free for an hour. They also offer free storage of your bike during the winter, will help you discover the best route to your home, as well as other educational initiatives.

“If you adopt a new mindset that a bike is for transport, not just sport, an e-bike is a good solution. I personally use my e-bike to commute because it’s fast — even faster than a car. Finding parking and getting stuck in traffic drive me crazy.” – Jakub Ditrich, owner