Fashion Shop Parazit

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Fashion shop Parazit was started in 2004 and has since been one of the places in Prague to buy clothes from local designers at a reasonable price. In the selection are pieces such as upcycled seatbelt bags from ZasPas, innertube adorned cycling wear from SegraSegra, computer-part jewelry from Trash Made, and other locally made clothes and accessories from brands such as Leeda, Playbag, Braasi, Deaf Messanger and many more. What we really like is that they also sell designers’ last pieces from past collections at reduced prices. And the price range is very fair at around CZK 500-5500.

“Our goal was to offer Czech fashion design at affordable prices, and I think we succeeded. In the shop you can choose from a collection of both young Czech designers as well as established Czech brands.” – Eva Dudasová Turková, co-owner

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