Funbikes Funbikes

Funbikes is a bike shop/workshop started five years ago with an original focus on vintage fixed-gear bikes (a.k.a. “fixies”), which the owner explained are “cool-looking, fast, light and don’t need gear maintenance.” Currently they have expanded to rebuilding, repairing and servicing all kinds of bikes, new and old. They also sell durable cordura bags and accessories from the US-made brand CHROME, as well as unconventional design helmets from the Czech brand Krust. A few times per year they also organize events for bikers in Prague, including Garage Days and Indust3. They also have an e-shop.

“People come here because they feel good here. We offer coffee or drinks [FH Prager], and we offer customization. Customers can build their bikes with us, so they know how to maintain it later.” – Honza Janda, Owner