Jan Tyrpekl

Foto: Antonín MatějovskýIMG_7983_upr copy


Jan Tyrpekl is an architect with a focus on sustainable architecture, including passive houses, apartments and interiors. He has worked on international architectural projects in Spain, Denmark and Taiwan. In the summer of 2015 he created a project called “Nest” in his home village of Strančice, a treehouse (not only for children) completely made of wicker, without the use of nails and thus completely biodegradable.

“Architecture is about the feeling inside. Nest is a space where you can hide. The wicker was linked in a criss-crossing style to simulate a bird’s nest. The structure is held up only by the branches of the tree.” Ing. arch. Jan Tyrpekl architect


Photos: Antonín Matějovský, Karolína Ryšavá, Jan Tyrpekl