Liška Mazaná

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For sure the most eco and cost-effective approach to cosmetics and household products is to make them yourself. Liška Mazaná (“clever fox”) offers workshops showing you how to do it, with a fun and laid back spirit. Petra Seidlová and Tereza Máčelová, the super-sweet girls behind the project, personally lead the 3.5 hour courses on how to make a variety of things including skincare products and cosmetics (lotion, makeup remover and lipbalms) and cleaning products (detergent, fabric softener and dishwashing liquid). They list their courses on their website but can also do private courses at your home (minimum 5 people) or team-building workshops, in Czech or if requested English.

“How we are different from other DIY cosmetics is that we are giving people more opportunity to experiment. The best part is that you can get to know your body and figure out which oils and butters work best for your skin. The cost of the workshop is half of what it should be if you take into account our time and the cost of the materials and packaging. We want to make it affordable for people.” – Petra Seidlová, co-founder

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Photos: Greenglasses and Liška Mazaná