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Merchyou is a sustainable textile printing service that respects nature and the health of their employees at all steps of the printing process through: organic, Fairwear certified fabrics; plastisol dyes that are free of carcinogens such as heavy metals and phthalates; plant-based cleaners used in processing; eco-friendly waste-disposal, and in their Prague office, renewable energy sources.

The Czech-Slovak business was started eight years ago, with the main production facility based in Bratislava. Companies or individuals can arrange to have any design printed on a range of garments including t-shirts, hoodies and bags, as well as the option to embroider designs on hats. The price of printing is comparable to conventional options, though the textiles can be more expensive. It’s all about a quality over quantity state of mind.
“We want people to have the opportunity to print in a better way. Even sustainable printing can be nice, modern and stylish. Our approach is that we never say  ‘it can’t be done.’ We’re always trying to perform our printing to satisfy customers.” – Sisa Petty, manager at Merchyou Prague
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