Mlékovky is currently the only e-shop in the Czech Republic selling completely natural “milk paint,” made from casein (the protein in milk), clay, limestone, chalk and natural pigments. The paint, from Irish brand The Crafty Bird, comes in a number of attractive pastel shades and applies well to wood and any other porous surface. A sustainable benefit of milk paint, other than being free of toxic chemicals and fumes, are that it comes in powder form, making it storeable for much longer than normal liquid paint, which usually degrades and has to be thrown out after a few months. Mlekovky also offers milk paint workshops for beginners, which are held at Z Pokoje do Pokoje.

“It started because my husband wanted to find some inspiration for our new kitchen. Then we found milk paint and I tried it and loved it… It’s the only really ecological and natural paint.” Klára Auerová, co-owner of Mlékovky