Moje Česko

Zuzana loves travelling and she’s seen quite a few countries, but she loves coming back home to Czechia. She often does weekend trips to the countryside and ends up surprised that there is always something unexpected to explore and admire. Moje Česko, My Czechia, is a self-adhesive corkboard map that Zuzana created as stylish and practical way to keep one’s trip memories together. A map of Europe has also been launched.

Zuzana is an industrial ecologist so sustainability is always on her mind. The map is made locally in a sheltered workshop and packaging is solved with zerowaste principles. The spirit of the project is: less stuff and more memories.

“Everything is so digital and so fast nowadays that we often don’t even remember what we visited, experienced and enjoyed. We all have hundreds of pictures of our free time, but they’re burried in our phones. I hope that my map can help people slow down and focus their energy towards exploring new places and creating long-lasting memories. Ultimately, I want to help people enjoy life more than stuff.” – Zuzana Cabejšková

E-shop: Moje Česko