Mosaic House


Mosaic House is a diverse, environmentally friendly hotel in the center of Prague. Best of all, its eco-friendly approach does not reduce guest comfort. Mosaic House is the first hostel in the Czech Republic to boast BREEAM In-Use “Excellent” certification and uses 100% renewable energy. It can also boast of the first water recycling system in the Czech Republic and a grey water recycling system with heat recovery, which places it among the “greenest” hotels in the world. Solar panels, triple glazing, low-flow showers, thermostats with motion sensors, thermally insulated facades and automatic sun-blinds for heating and cooling contribute to water and energy savings.

Mosaic House proves that an ecological approach can look good. The grey water recycling system is located in a separate room in the basement, covered with neon LED lighting reminiscent of a work of art. The furniture and the Czech oak floors create a stylish design that is both elegant and socially responsible. The price tag of these green investments wasn’t insignificant: the owners invested more than CZK 400 million into the project.

Mosaic House offers a wide range of accommodation for anyone. From dorms (from EUR 8/night) to private rooms (from EUR 55/night). There’s even a stylish lounge, La Loca bar and restaurant on the ground floor for high-quality dining and socializing. Distinctive style of Crossover Cuisine combines luscious Mediterranean taste with mesmerizing aroma of Middle East. Balancing on the edge of modern and traditional; exotic and conventional makes it an experience unlike any other.

“Building an eco-friendly hotel was a long-term plan. The founders wanted to invest in quality, so the most sophisticated green technologies were used. Only now – after 6 years – is the investment starting to pay off. Three months of the year, we don’t have to use electricity to heat water, and we save 4000 liters of water a day and 100 kWh of electricity a day. ” – Gilles Oulevey, Sales and Marketing Guru Mosaic House

Photos: Jiří Beran / Mosaic House