Mosaic House

Mosaic House is a hotel/hostel hybrid located in the heart of Prague, emphasizing eco-friendliness in a perfect balance with guest comfort and aesthetics. In addition to being the first hostel in the Czech Republic to achieve the BREEAM In-Use “Excellent” certification and to use 100% renewable sources, it also offers the first water recycling system in the Czech Republic and the second grey water system with heat recuperation in the world. Also included in Mosaic House’s impressive water and energy saving technologies: solar panels, triple glazed windows, low-flow raindance shower heads, motion sensitive thermostats, facade insulation, and automatic blinds that optimize sunlight for heating and cooling.

At the very least, Mosaic House proves that being green can also look fantastic. Their grey-water recycling system is situated in a special room in the basement. Decorated with shiny neon LED lights, the green room almost looks like an art exhibition. Czech oak floors and fashionable wood reclaimed furnishings make the design simultaneously stylish and socially responsible.

The initial investment of all green features wasn’t low, however: the entire project including full reconstruction cost more than 400 million Czech crowns (about 15.5 million Euros).

Mosaic House offers a wide range of accommodation for anyone. From dorms (~EUR 10/night) to private rooms (~EUR 120/night) and spacious apartments (~EUR 70-320/night). There’s even a rooftop where summer bashes are regularly held with stunning views over Prague as well as a stylish non-smoking lounge/bar and restaurant on the ground floor for high-quality dining and socializing.

“Building a green hotel was a long-term goal. The owners wanted to invest in quality, hence the most sophisticated green technologies were used. Now, after six years the investment has already started to pay off. Three months of the year we don’t have to use energy to heat water and on top of that we also save 4000 l of water and 100 KWh of electricity every day.” – Gilles Oulevey, Sales and Marketing Guru at Mosaic House

Photos: Martin Malý / Mosaic House