Sustainable Fashion Day_Moyomi Sustainable Fashion Day 3

Moyomi, founded by Czech fashion expert Kamila Boudová, offers workshops and courses for fashion designers and professionals interested in sustainability. Passionate about cradle to cradle products, Kamila teaches designers how to improve their supply chain and increase transparency in their business. Moyomi is also the main organizer of Prague’s yearly Sustainable Fashion Day, which debuted in 2015  to an eager audience of designers, businesses, consumers and experts (check our article to read more about who presented and their key points).

“Cradle to Cradle is for me the answer to everything. To not be poisoned too fast, our goal is zero consumption. But zero consumption is not a sexy vision. The Cradle to Cradle system does not limit citizens. It’s not tyranny and dictatorship in which our options are limited, but rather a series of material and energy flows.” – Kamila Boudová, founder