Nákup z farmy

Nákup z Farmy is an online marketplace for local farmers, mostly from the central part of the Czech Republic. The project originated as an extension of a service called “milk from the farm”. Founder Tomáš Němec wanted to offer customers other products in addition to milk, prompting him to create an affiliation of farmers, all of whom he knows and has verified personally. All products are fresh, free from artificial preservatives, stabilizers and colorants, and partly in organic quality. Food can be picked up at one of 1700 locations or can be home delivered (in Prague).

“We are a closed circuit of farmers and do not change our suppliers according to price as do supermarkets. We are for those who want to buy quality food with a clear origin and without intermediaries. As a result, the food that arrives on your table is really fresh.” – Tomáš Němec, owner of Nákup z Farmy