Nano Energies

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Nano Energies became the Czech Republic’s first supplier of green electricity for companies and households in 2008. While other energy companies now also provide green energy products, Nanoenergies is 100% focused on this niche and claims to offer the best prices, sometimes even cheaper than conventional energy. Nano Energies has a unique business model that allows them to keep their prices low and comparable to conventional sources. Though it may sound complex to the average consumer, installation is easy, requiring just one form to be filled out. Sounds like a win-win, if you ask us!

Some Czech businesses already use Nano Energies, including Sicily Cafe, dm Drogerie Market, CountryLife and LifeFood.

“Our goal is to find customers who are thinking about energy in a broader sense, for example, where the electricity is coming from and not only about the price. At the same time we see that thanks to green energy, we save not only nature, but also our finances.” – Michal Havel, Head of Marketing and Sales at Nano Energies