Opravárna is a sharing platform inspired by a similar idea from the Netherlands called Repair Cafe, that connects people with broken things with those who can fix them. The most popular “tasks” advertised on the site are related to the fixing of electronics such as phones. One a task is posted, the system finds and offers 10-12 of the nearest repairman. Since launching in 2014, around 4000 tasks have already been posted to the site, of which 30% have been successfully solved. To the owners, this equates to a lot of valuable material not ending up in landfills.

“I was working as a journalist writing on the theme of environment and waste. One day I read about the service Repair Cafe, which originated in the Netherlands and has spread throughout the world. However, Repair Cafes are only one day events, so we went our own way to build a web platform linking repairmen with customers. The main objective of the project is to prevent waste.” – Jan Charvát, founder of Opravárna