Organic shop at Toulcův dvůr

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This bio/organic shop hidden inside the Toulcův dvůr courtyard has products mainly from Czech farmers, including cheese from farms Filoun, Biovavřinec and Horní Dorce, domestic free-range eggs, goat cheese, yoghurt and milk from Ratiborice, fruits and vegetables from the Tachecí farm, poultry from farmers Druhaz Sedlčany, mature organic beef from Jeseníky and fresh organic bread (sourdough from farm Zlivický, bio rye sourdough bread from the farm Tilia, organic cakes, breads and pastries from the Kocourkovi organic bakery and gluten-free breads and sweets from Mr.Liška). You can also find fair trade chocolate, environmental cleaning products from Ecover and other organic products. A small library and kids’ corner are also included!

“The novelty is bio boxes that you can pick up at the shop every Wednesday. Every week the contents are different and I also add recipes you can cook from the ingredients.” – Veronika Haramulová, owner

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