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Pastva (meaning “feast” in Czech) is a vegan restaurant in Andel offering a small but freshly made menu of healthy and tasty dishes for lunch and dinner — at affordable prices. Ingredients are partially sourced from a local farm near Prague and the menu, which includes soups, warm meals and salads, is adapted to the season, including meals for special occasions and holidays. Aside from the yummy food, they also offer doubleshot coffee and additive-free wines, as well as trying to be ecological in their management of the restaurant, separating organic waste, using eco-friendly cleaners and providing vegan soaps in the bathroom.

“We want to show people that there are options other than having schnitzel for lunch! Many people who come here are also meat eaters — it’s not just for vegans… We want to show that you can have a proper meal without animal products.” – Zuzana Amchová, co-owner