Permakultura CS

Permakultura CS is a non-profit organization promoting permaculture in the Czech Republic. Permaculture is a design method of land and human settlements. Food is grown in interlinked ecosystems of plants, fungi and animals without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Permaculture land is usually presented as “edible forests,” which are tailored to the surrounding environment and climate to find the most natural combination of plant and animal species. If managed properly, they can be at least as productive as a typical farm of similar size.

Permakultura CS organizes regular multi-day courses in Czech and English on permaculture, as well as offering a map of of permaculture “demonstration sites” in the Czech Republic and a range of informative publications. The organization also helps businesses to set up their own small permaculture garden.

“If managed well, permaculture can be more productive than conventional farms. Permaculture is much more radical than organic farming: it doesn’t disturb nature. These systems very resilient.” Eva Hauserová, chairwoman of Permakultura CS