Převezu is an peer to peer app connecting people looking to deliver anything from equipment to flowers with others willing to carry out the delivery. Deliverers can use the app to search for offers and propose a price, of which the platform takes around 20% including all fees. Payments are made online and deliverers can be rated to build trust. Founder Matěj Liška, a film maker by day, came up with the idea while traveling in Bali and finding it was near impossible to send a large data file back to Europe due to slow internet and exhorbitantly expensive shipping fees — the solution was to send the data stick via back to Czech Republic in the suitcase of another traveler.

“I thought it could be a good idea to use travellers to transport stuff…. We are doing this for people. We want to help people save money and to give another chance to earn some money. Everyone can benefit from it” – Matěj Liška, founder of Převezu