Rolling Hooks

Rolling Hooks is a small local brand founded by mother-daughter duo Jana and Zuzana Rollova, who created their own unique technique to crochet beautiful home accessories and jewelry from upcycled textiles. All fabrics are salvaged either from Jana’s own closet, local flea markets or fabric scraps from local designers, with dyes occasionally used to create interesting effects. The pieces, including decorative centerpieces for tables and funky necklaces, come in a range of colors and sizes, with prices ranging from CZK 400-980. In Prague they can currently be bought at the NILA store in Vinohrady.

“What I like is that each piece has a special story, either because I found it at a flea market or took it from my own wardrobe. It makes each object unique and almost on the level of art. We have no intention to make this  a huge business — we want to always keep that uniqueness… Our motto is to give new life to old things.” – Jana Rollová, co-founder of Rolling Hooks