Sir Toby’s Hostel

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Housed in a charismatic old building in Holešovice renovated with thrifty elegance, Sir Toby’s is a spunky option for eco-conscious travelers on a tight budget. With stylish shared rooms, lots of common spaces, a summer garden for free weekly BBQs, and plenty of vintage furniture to lounge on while socializing, sharing, recycling and community are a central theme. Visitors can also have a good conscience thanks to energy and water saving mechanisms such as thermostat sensors and LED lights. Elegant private rooms are also available at a fair price.

“Our mandate is that sustainability is important for us and we show that by making things from scratch. For us, community is important.” – Mathias Schwender, owner of Sir Toby’s

“Our philosophy is to invest in guests.” – Miro, manager of Sir Toby’s