Super Soused

Super Soused is a local sharing economy platform enabling “super neighbors” in Prague and Brno to assist each other in household tasks such as fixing your boiler or painting your walls. The founders see the platform as ideal for tasks that often are small enough that they don’t justify hiring a construction company or subcontractor.

Users of the site can either post a task or apply to become a super neighbor, which requires no official certification, but simply some skills and a will to work. Those posting tasks can set a desired price, which when agreed upon, is paid through the platform and held by Super Soused until the task has been satisfactorily completed, as a form of guarantee. Since launched in September 2015, the site has served over 6500 customers and has acquired 1600 super neighbors.

“We created as a platform where anyone in Prague or Brno can find help with household issues… We always had problems with handy people, construction companies and so on, so we tried to create a place where you can choose a handy person with a rating. Doing a simple Google search doesn’t give you information about availability, price and references… using our site you can find someone from your town who can give you a competitive price.” – Livia Palasthyova, Co-founder of Super Soused