Vegan’s Prague

Opened in 2016, Vegan’s is, well, a vegan restaurant, but they make a successful effort at offering a little something for everyone. For starters: that terrace. With just room enough for two tables, the view to the Prague castle will charm anyone lucky enough to score a seat. The cozy 15th century interior also ain’t bad. As for the food: the menu includes vegan versions of Prague classics, such as vegan svickova, as well as perennial vegan-ified favorites such as burgers, Thai curry and even lasagna. Organic coffee and raw or baked cakes are also on offer. Directly next door is the sister bistro where you can find vegan sandwiches, smoothies and snacks to go.

“We want to be an example of how vegan food can taste good for anyone, even people who are not vegan or vegetarian. We don’t want to be extreme but rather to help people take small steps.” – Lukáš Hornof, manager of Vegan’s Prague