Veronika Hubková

Although Veronika Hubková studied economics, she has been sewing since childhood and decided to make something more of her hobby, resulting in her popular collection of upcycled women’s fashion. All pieces are made from so-called “deadstock”, leftover fabric scraps from textile mills that normally get thrown away, and resewn secondhand clothes. Veronika favors a limited number of simple and timeless cuts that can fit a variety of people, but she also offers tailored pieces. Prices range from CZK 500 – 1000.

“My sewing connects sustainability and fashion. I have two patterns for t-shirts, Which I try to make in the ‘oversize’ style because it’s more likely to fit people. I only use deadstock fabric that sometimes has only one defect. I do not think that’s a good reason to throw it away – it still has some value. ” Veronika Hubková, hobby fashion designer