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Zdrojovna is a “freeshop” and organizer of free DIY workshops. The shop accepts (and even has a pickup service for) things that you no longer need (such as dishes, furniture, lamps, paintings, mirrors, etc.) and allows you to take what you need (max. 3 pieces). Workshops teach people how to repair furniture and make upcycled creations, such as “trash” jewelry, belts from old bike tyres, wallets from milk boxes and more. The project was inspired by one the founders’ personal interest in influencing Prague’s scrapyard policy, which currently does not allow the public to take belongings from collection yards or containers.

“Zdrojovna’s is where waste changes into treasure. And not just about waste. I really like that it’s a place for everyone to make their ideas true.” – Blanka Havlíčková, active member

Photos: Zdrojovna a Jan Hromadko